Baphomet According to ONA Tradition

Baphomet (O9A)

The Grimoire of Baphomet (Dark Goddess) is a book of Dark Sorcery which primarily deals with evoking and invoking Baphomet, The Dark Goddess.

It includes Dark Rites such as The Ceremony of Recalling (one of the most sinister rituals extant), The Sinister Nine Angles Rite, and The Rite of The Star Game.

The Grimoire contains esoteric details deliberately omitted from hitherto published versions (such as in previous published versions of The Ceremony of Recalling), which omitted esoteric details were formerly only revealed aurally within existing sinister nexions, Temples or groups.

The Grimoire also includes a brief outline of the aural tradition of The Order of Nine Angles relating to Baphomet as  The Dark Goddess of sinister myth and legend.

” According to Dark Tradition, Baphomet is a sinister acausal entity, depicted as a mature, human women, naked from the waist up, who holds in Her hand the bloodied severed head of a young human man. She is the dark, violent, Goddess – the real Mistress of Earth – to whom human sacrifices were, and are, made. She – as one of The Dark Entities, as Vamperess of The Dark Gods (The Dark Immortals) – is also a shapeshifter who can presence in the causal dimensions and assume human form…”

The link below is to a pdf file (1.3 Mb) of the Order of Nine Angles authorized text of the Grimoire, as circulated among ONA members and used by ONA Nexions.

The Grimoire of Baphomet (Dark Goddess)