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Over the decades, the Order of Nine Angles has used a variety of means of dating their MSS. The following are among the abbreviations which are/have been used, placed after the numerical date. With the exception of JD and YF, the numerical date given is the year according to the common Gregorian calender. Thus, 1991 e.v. is equivalent to 1991 e.n. which is equivalent to 1991 CE and 102 YF.

It should be noted that, according to aural tradition, the ‘ONA year’ does not begin on January 1st, nor on December 21st, but rather – for those in northern climes such as England – at the beginning of the ‘alchemical season’ marked by the first rising of
Arcturus in the night sky, which is, according to Nature’s calender in such climes, in the season known as Autumn.

e.v. – era vulgaris. On old term, often used in traditional ONA nexions, and by some other esoteric groups.

The term era vulgaris came into English use centuries ago following the publication, in 1655 CE, of an English translation of a book by Johannes Kepler.

e.n. – era nazrani. On old term – often used in traditional ONA nexions – implying the Era of the Nazarenes.

YF (yf) – Year of Fire / Year of Fayen / Year of The Fuhrer

Note that each of these has a different meaning. For instance, Year of Fayen refers to the ethos of the New Aeon, where restrictive patriarchal/magian-inspired forms of living (such as nations and States, and the way of Homo Hubris) are replaced by the new ways based upon the clans and tribes of Homo Galacticus for whom the only law is that of personal honour.

Year of The Fuhrer is predominantly used by Reichsfolk-inspired groups (esoteric and otherwise) but also by some other esoteric groups/nexions/clans in heretical defiance of the magian status quo.

CE – Common (or Current) Era. English version of e.n.

– Julian Date.