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The Seven-Fold Way – aka Seven-Fold Sinister Way – is the name given to the system of training used by traditional Order of Nine Angles nexions – that is, by those esoteric groups which use a sinister (LHP) Initiatory system based on The Dark Tradition (aka Hebdomadry). It is the learning of The Art of Dark Sorcery, by individual Occultists, and thus is the graded and guided practice of The Dark Arts.

The Way is an individual one: each stage, of the seven stages that make the Way, is achieved by the individual as a result of their own effort. To reach a particular stage, requires considerable effort by the individual, who works mostly on their own.

One aim of the Way is to create Sinister individuals – that is, to train individuals in The Dark Arts. This sinister training developes individual character, esoteric (or Occult) skills and self-insight. The individual also acquires genuine esoteric knowledge and that genuine understanding that is the beginning of wisdom.

The Way itself enables any individual to achieve genuine esoteric (Occult) Adeptship  – and beyond – and thus fulfil the potential latent within them, and thus they can and do enhance their life, and come to know and then achieve their unique Destiny.

The Way is essentially practical – involving experiences in the real world, and ordeals, as well as the completion of difficult, challenging tasks. It also involves a practical mastery of all forms of sorcery. The Way requires a sincere and genuine commitment, and it is both difficult and very dangerous. Success depends on this commitment by the individual.

The Way is divided into seven stages, and these mark a specific level of individual achievement. The stages are: Neophyte; Initiate; External Adept; Internal Adept; Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth [ or “Lady Master”]; Grand Master/Grand Mistress [ or “Grand Lady Master”]; Immortal. Sometimes, Initiates are described, or known, as “novices”; Internal Adepts as Priest/Priestess; a Grand Master as a Magus, and a Grand Mistress as a Magistra.

The two ONA texts The Requisite ONA and The Sinister Abyssal Nexion form a complete, self-contained, guide to the Seven Fold Way.