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The Aeonic Perspective of the Order of Nine Angles

In many Order of Nine Angles texts mention is made of ‘the Aeonic perspective’ and since this perspective is an important feature of ONA esoteric philosophy, and thus part of O9A culture and our aural tradition, some explanation should be of interest. [1]

The expression ‘the Aeonic perspective’ – also known as the Cosmic perspective – is used to describe some of our pathei-mathos, some of our experience; that is, to describe some knowledge we have acquired through a combination of practical experience, through a scholarly study, and through using certain Occult faculties and skills, such as esoteric-empathy.

This knowledge concerns several matters, some to do with how we understand the individual human being, some to do with our perception of Aeons, and some to do with our praxis and the purpose and effectiveness of our methods and techniques both exoteric and esoteric.

An understanding and appreciation of this knowledge in all its aspects is part of the learning, the knowing, of those who are part of our culture and thus who are ONA.

The Individual

In our esoteric philosophy the individual human being is regarded as a nexion. As having both an acausal and a causal nature, and as possessing, or being imbued with, a certain amount of acausal energy and which acausal energy is what animates physical matter making it ‘alive’. In one sense, the psyche of the individual is how some of this energy is naturally manifest in us, and an esoteric praxis such as our Seven Fold Way – or our Way of the Rounwytha – are a means whereby we can rationally apprehend and thus come to know and understood and control such energies/forces, some of which are archetypal in nature when perceived exoterically [2].

In addition, the nexion that is the individual is part of the matrix of all living beings, human, of Nature, of the Cosmos. That is, the individual is a connexion to all other Life, terran and otherwise, although this connexion is dormant and undeveloped in most human beings. That is, a latent faculty. One of the aims of many Occult ways – be they termed of the Left Hand Path or of the Right Hand Path – is to make the individual aware of this connexion that they are, open it, and develop it, and certain esoteric techniques have been developed in order to try and accomplish this, with Initiation often being regarded as the beginning of this process. Our techniques to open and then develop this inner nexion include Insight Roles, the adversarial praxis of the Niner, the Grade Rituals (especially Internal Adept and the Camlad Rite of The Abyss) and the acquisition of skills developed by techniques such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant.

In esoteric terms this means that we, the O9A, are concerned with:

(1) Both Wyrd and destiny. That is, with the development of our Initiates and Adepts (their destiny) and with the development of Aeons, and thus with how the individual relates to those energies/forces which are beyond the individual and which effect them until they have completed a successful Passing of The Abyss when they emerge with wisdom: that is, with a knowing, skills, understanding, and experience sufficient to enable them to synchronize with, and then later on manifest, Wyrd.

(2) Both the sinister and the numinous – the sinisterly-numinous. That is, with the knowing, the experience, the understanding, of both and then a moving toward and a living involving the Reality beyond such apparent opposites.

In practical terms this means that the individual perceives of themselves as such a connexion, balanced between all of the following: (1) their own individual past; (2) the past of their own ancestors; (3) the past of Nature; (4) the past of Cosmic life; and between the present and the futures of all those emanations of being. Part of this perception is thus of the nature of Aeons and how they themselves are part of an existing Aeon, an existing presencing of wyrdful energies on Earth. This perception can then – and according to their newly dis-covered and understood personal nature/character – enable the individual to choose a way of living which further aids their own personal development and which enables them to presence acausal energies in order to affect what is Aeonic, with such ways of living including that of the (often reclusive) Occult Adept, that of the Rounwytha, that of a clan/tribe/gang, that of the adversarial Niner, and that of the Balobian.

The Understanding

Having such a perception, the individual understands causal forms, and esoteric praxis, as a means, and a means both personal and Aeonic. That is, as a means to aid their own personal development and to participate in Wyrd and thus participate in the change, the development, the evolution, of life itself, both as manifest on our current home, terra firma, and elsewhere in the Cosmos.

Other esoteric groups, especially of the LHP, do not present them with this understanding and thus cannot offer them the opportunity of such a wyrdful participation, concerned as such LHP groups are with guff such as the ‘deification of the self’ and the perpetuation of primitive human beings by means of a belief such as ‘might is right’ [3].

In terms of causal forms, there is the initiated understanding that what, for human beings, is esoteric, evolutionary – that what presences acausal energy and thus Life – is inner not outer change. That is, that no causal form, no non-Occult praxis, produces or can produce Aeonic change, although such forms, such praxis, may occasionally result in some, a few, individuals each century, via pathei-mathos, achieving a certain insight and understanding and thence becoming changed, more evolved, human beings.

Or, expressed differently, the changes wrought by causal forms – by wars, revolutions, empires, nations, and through means such as politics or social reform, or by governments – are transient, and do not, over centuries, affect human beings en masse. For humans remain and have remained basically the same; rather primitive beings, dependant on and in thrall to abstractions, to their emotions, to archetypal forces, and never developing their latent faculties, never fulfilling their Cosmic potential, with only a rare few human beings achieving wisdom.

This is why initiatory Occult groups and orders of our kind exist – to manifest and maintain such understanding over centuries; to produce and encourage, over centuries, Aeonic changes, and to develop, evolve, human beings by means of Occult Arts and thus in the only effective way: from within; esoterically; by changing their character, their nature.

This is also why we insist on a personal knowing, on inner alchemical change; on individuals learning from practical experience, both sinister and numinous and both exoteric and esoteric. Why we are organized as we are, as kindred families and nexions, as a kindred collective, and as a culture with traditions both esoteric and aural. And why we take a long-term view of matters both exoteric and esoteric – for our perspective is that of centuries, of Aeons.

The Order of Nine Angles

The ONA is thus not some ‘causal form’, but rather a type of nexion; a collocation of human beings connected over durations of causal Time in particular ways who, by virtue of being kindred both esoterically and exoterically maintain and expand their acausal presencing over such long-durations of causal Time. A causal form is just that: causal, denuded of or not possessing wyrd/acausal energy; a manufactured, lifeless, thing, a tool. A nexion is redolent of Wyrd, and is alive, a type of living entity, be such an entity an individual or a collocation of developed individuals manifest as an esoteric Order.

An esoteric Order with an Aeonic perspective produces both internal and external change in an affective, sinisterly-numinous, way. That is, we not only change a limited number of individuals, personally, individually, by our Occult Arts, over long-durations of causal Time, but also – because we are redolent of Wyrd – directly and indirectly influence others, greater in number than the number of our initiates, by our very existence, by our ethos, our methods, our philosophy, our mythos, with some for example adopting and adapting some of our praxis, some of our Occult Arts, some of our esoteric philosophy.

Thus does such an esoteric Order as the ONA provoke an evolutionary, a sinister-numinous, change in some of those so influenced, whether or not they know it and whether or not they try to hide it from themselves and others.

As I wrote in another recent essay:

” We grow and have grown slowly, as befits our Aeonic perspective. Slowly, through personal contact, a personal knowing, pledges of duty and loyalty based on our code of honour…It means we are something of a large, growing, unconventional family, whose relations and relatives are becoming dispersed around the Earth, and who – unlike many extended natural families – have a shared, supra-personal, purpose and a shared culture.

Naturally, like all families, sometimes there are disputes, as sometimes a young son or daughter leaves home to adopt another culture or none. But by and large the family stays together, because of our culture, our traditions, our practices, our Occult abilities and faculties, our very long-term esoteric aims and goals.

Which is one reason why many of our people have been with us, part of our family, for ten, twenty, thirty years and more, and why we have slowly grown through assimilating their friends, their sons, their daughters, their relatives, their colleagues. And why we have recruited, we still recruit and will continue to recruit, in the old-fashioned way.”


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles


[1] For us, culture implies five important qualities, and these qualities are:

(1) empathy, (2) the instinct for disliking rottenness, (3) the faculty of reason, (4) pathei-mathos; and (5) a living aural tradition.

It is these qualities that not only distinguish us from other animals – and from Homo Hubris – here on terra firma but which and importantly enable us to consciously change, to develope, ourselves and so participate in our own evolution as beings.

For us, the cultivation and development of empathy is a Dark Art, part of the training of the Initiate. This particular Dark Art is a skill that rites such as that of Internal Adept develop. See, for example, the ONA text Dark-Empathy, Adeptship, and The Seven-Fold Way of the ONA.

In respect of ‘the instinct for disliking rottenness’ see the ONA text Concerning Culling As Art.

[2] A very basic overview of causal and acausal is given in The Theory of the Acausal.

For how we use particular terms, refer to v. ≥ 3.07 of our A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms.

The Seven Fold Way (also known as the Seven Fold Sinister Way) is outlined The Methods and Tradition of The Seven Fold Way, with an overview given in The Complete Guide to the Seven Fold Way, and which overview is also contained in the ONA pdf compilation The Requisite ONA (51 Mb) which includes copies of all the necessary texts, including Naos.  See also the pdf compilation Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion which deals with The Passing of The Abyss.

The training of the Rounwytha is mentioned in the text The Rounwytha Way: Our Sinister Feminine Archetype.

[3] Refer to texts such as The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right.