Classic Order of Nine Angles Texts

Documents of The Inner ONA
Part One

Introduction to the Collection

Included in Documents of The Inner ONA are a few texts selected from the archive of unpublished ONA documents, and unpublished because they were intended for internal (private) circulation within the Order of Nine Angles, or were previously marked Restricted (and have since been declassified), or were circulated by hand person-to-person (often because of their heretical/’illegal’/offensive content), or were intended for a few selected and trusted individuals and sometimes sent (in the last decade) as an encrypted attachment to an e-mail.

The texts in the collection date from the past nine years, with one or two of them being transcriptions of either talks or discussions or private QA sessions given during, or which took place at, the Oxonia Sunedrions of the Inner ONA, and which recent Sunedrions, in a break from tradition, also included a few invited overseas guests.

For obvious reasons some passages and paragraphs have been redacted. These redactions are marked […] [redacted]

In a few of the documents some comments in square brackets [  ] have been added to provide context.


Header: O9A – Summary of Phase One, Phase Two
O9A Restricted
v. 2.01

Notes on Phase One and Phase Two

The fundamental practical exoteric aims of the Order are to be the genesis of human change via the manufacture of a new human type, and to establish new ways of living suitable for this new human type. These new ways will be the antithesis of the State, as the new human type will have discovered the essence hidden by causal abstractions. This essence may be conveniently represented by the term ‘sinister-numinous’, and a means to manufacture this new human type may be said to be pathei-mathos.

The fundamental practical esoteric aims of the Order are: to guide suitable individuals to genuine Adeptship and beyond; to clandestinely recruit and test a small number of suitable individuals who if found suitable begin to follow our Way; to expand the Order and manufacture an international esoteric network; to use this network to infiltrate ‘society’ and so gain and use ‘our’ influence, intellectual, moral, practical, artistic, commercial, Occult, and so on. Importantly, such infiltration requires people in certain professions and occupations more than it requires either outward, exoteric, propaganda of an Occult kind or outward individual/group adversarial/heretical action. The former is essence, the latter (the outward) mere show or some temporary external results of certain and a few individuals travelling along our outer Way.

P1 and P2 were all about establishing the basic foundations needed to begin moving toward these aims. Part of this was establishing a mythos, an esoteric presence, ‘a name’, a mystique, an esoteric culture; using propaganda, personal manipulation, and so on.

To build the foundations of an Aeonic esoteric organization – immune to infiltration, and based on clandestine independent cells – takes care and a certain amount of causal Time. To extend that organization out from its base in a natural way, takes even more care and more causal Time. Secure recruitment requires great care and takes causal Time. Testing recruits takes causal Time. The advancement of recruits along the Way takes causal Time.

To secure the […] [paragraph redacted]

To build these foundations took longer than expected, some four decades instead of the anticipated three, with there being much personal learning involved and necessary, and a few mistakes made.

One Journey of Experience and Discovery

In essence, my effusions document my own progress along a particular esoteric way. From strident youthful adversarial/heretical tracts/rants and old-style Occult ceremonies, to the more measured and esoteric items of the past seven years.

Recently I have set down in some detail – as a result of my practical experience and a decade of reflexion upon such experience – the outer and inner aspects of the sinister-numinous, of approaching The Abyss; have written about the essence beyond The Abyss, about the inner alchemy, the inner change, and tried to set certain esoteric traditions in context, Aeonic and otherwise.

There is thus a legacy of esoteric experience and knowledge here: mine (of some forty years and more) and that of the few before me. That is, there is the foundation of an ancestral pathei-mathos, with all that this implies for our new esoteric culture […] [redacted] For my experiences, esoteric and exoteric, are ‘out there’, written down or told to trusted comrades; the old tradition is now ‘out there’, openly written down (by me) or hinted at, or told to trusted comrades.

In addition, and as I have mentioned previously, I do believe sufficient clandestine nexions now exist – with sufficient people of the right calibre – to move to P3. That is, the foundations of an Aeonic esoteric organization have been built and are secure. Thus can the proper, the real esoteric, work begin; slowly, in Aeonic – not causal – Time.

To find and use our own individual lapis philosophicus currently takes decades; but, wyrd-allowing, given our culture, our ancestral pathei-mathos, our Order, this time-scale will gradually be reduced over the next fifty to one hundred years.

For a significant number of human beings to find and use lapis philosophicus – and thus for our exoteric and esoteric aims to be achieved – will take somewhat longer, possibly another hundred, or two hundred, years. Our plan, as an ancestral, a kindred, an esoteric, Order, is to be there when they do, having guided the number required to find and use that personal gem and developed an Aeonic, supra-personal, form of it.

” Our real work, both as individuals and as an Order – our Magnum Opus – is genuinely esoteric and Occult, and thus concerned with lapis philosophicus and not with some purely causal self-indulgence, or some ephemeral outer change in some causal form or forms, or with using such forms to try and effect some external change. For it is this esoteric, this Occult, work which will, affectively and effectively, introduce and maintain the Aeonic changes we desire and plan for – in its own species of acausal Time.”

O9A 122 yfayen

O9A Restricted

Presencing Azoth
Phase Three 119 – c.157


As mentioned in several published texts, Phase Three (P3) marks the change from overt exoteric Satanism – Satan as archetype, adversary; the 3 lower nexions of the Tree of Wyrd – to the more esoteric aspects, Baphomet as archetype; Rounwytha tradition; nexions Sol and Mars of the Tree of Wyrd.

Exoterically, P3 is and will be most manifest in the group nexions termed ‘sinister tribes’, clans, gangs (or whatever) and in our lone nexions – adversarial operatives (and those inspired by us) – and all of which nexions, of whatever type/form, will be examples of/presence (and propagate) the ‘heresy’ of personal honour as the only law and the necessity of pathei-mathos, not to mention the culling of undesirables. In addition, ‘the sinister feminine’ and Sapphistry will be more openly championed, as well as propaganda directed at the Magian patriarchy and Homo Hubris. The chauvinism that male specimens of Homo Hubris possess for women should be a particular target. An aspect of this will be our championing of culture, manners, learning, and so on – that is, of a certain noble, civilized, aristocratic, attitude where there is a disdain for uncultured, ill-mannered, vulgar plebs and their antics. This in itself will aid us in recruiting more people in academia, the artistic professions, and suitable officers in the military, the police.

Esoterically, P3 will be most manifest, outwardly to non-ONA folk, in the emphasis on the sinisterly-numinous, and in the necessary development of non-Caucasian nexions with unique styles and new ways which may well meld aspects of O9A esoteric tradition with their own ancestral culture.

Internally, for established nexions, P3 will mark an increasing emphasis on aural tradition, on Dark Arts such as Esoteric-Empathy, Esoteric Chant, and The Star Game; and by the expansion of our family, including preparing some for The Passing of The Abyss according to the Camlad Rite.

The Esoteric Task

The basic esoteric task of the early part of P3 (before c. 2013ce) is to ensure the continuance of the [inner] O9A […] [redacted]  Hence the need for more individuals to progress toward The Passing of The Abyss.

As part of this task […] [redacted]

In addition, I have begun to set down in writing some of the more esoteric aspects of our aural tradition; some to be openly published, others for internal circulation only.

Also, an important and necessary part of this transition and the continuation of the O9A is the development of independent non-Caucasian nexions in other lands; a development, that wyrdfully, has already begun, and one that will, over causal Time, give rise to a new type of Sunedrion […] [redacted]

Beyond this, the main P3 task is to continue what we have been doing these past forty years, only without the ‘outer show’, the outer games, that I and a few others – a nod here of course to […] [redacted] and ‘the usual suspects’ – have been putting on and playing in the world of the mundanes as part of P2.

In practical terms, this will mean – as indicated a few years ago [in respect of the inner ONA] – a ‘return to the dark’, something which I know will come as a relief to some of our family! Esoterically, it will mean we will henceforward as in the past grow slowly, personally, secretly, with the aim being for each of our hidden nexions, Rounwytha or traditional or one of those new fangled ones, to recruit two or three people per decade. Maybe a little more, maybe less. There is no rush, as we all know our goals, aims, will take long durations of causal Time to be achieved – way beyond the life-time of everyone here.

A subsidiary P3 task is for a few of us to – […] [redacted] – establish new nexions in other lands by recruiting and training a few suitable people, as per the example of our […] [redacted] which followed from our Egyptian one. Thus – Wyrd-allowing – by c.130 yf we should have several more nexions in such non-European locales. By c.160 yf we might expect to have a solid, clandestine, presence in many lands other than Europe and north America.

One anticipated outcome of such esoteric expansion will be the development of new, ‘sinisterly-numinous’, more practical styles of training; a style which may favour a more Rounwytha orientated approach rather than the more traditional and Occult approach of the Seven Fold Way.

Another anticipated outcome of such expansion should be the development of ‘underground’ transcontinental practical networks […]  [redacted]  and which networks will mark the transition to P4, which stage I briefly spoke about at our last Sunedrion.

The Perspective

Mention of P4 brings us naturally back to ‘our perspective’ and our long-term goals. Back to those sinisterly-numinous things that bind us as family and a knowledge of which both informs and transforms our lives as individuals.

We [few here] are as we are because we view our individual lives in this perspective of centuries, millennia, Aeons. In terms of a brief causal existence and a possible future acausal existence; of one nexion among nexions past-present-future. Which is why we plan not just for ourselves, but for our family, our clan, and our descendants.


This is an edited transcript of part of a talk given by AL at the ONA Oxonia Sunedrion, 122 yfayen.

Pretenders, Frauds, and The ONA

Over three decades ago, we had the imposters. With the advent of this new-fangled internet thingy, these imposters had and have a new medium most suited to their plebeian nature.

Over two decades ago I said:

“I shall be honest – Satanism has been hijacked. By posers, by pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not have the guts to be evil – to do dark deeds… Well, I am sick of these imposters.”

So it is that these gutless weaklings, these self-described ‘satanists’, now prattle on and on and on – in cyberspace – about satanism (mostly anonymously of course) and yet have no dark, evil, genuinely, Satanic deeds to their name. Never having once done or incited acts of chaos, violence, ‘crime’, culling, and terror, and never once having taken themselves to and beyond the moral, legal, limits imposed by The System.

Thus we have pretentious mundane gits pecking away at their keyboards in order to spew forth into cyberspace their plebeian opinions about ‘reality’ and sorcery and the sinister, while all the while they are in thrall to the delusions of Magian Occultism and to the delusion that they – these puny humans on some planet orbiting some nondescript star in one corner of one Galaxy among billions of Galaxies – matter in some way and that not only do they ‘understand’ and ‘know’ but they can control the forces of the cosmos. Thus they, these alleged satanists and alleged practitioners of the Black Arts of the Left Hand Path – these egoists who inanely attempt ‘to deify’ their mundane self – write mumbo-jumbo such as:

“I enter into the Realm of Creation to work my will upon the Universe.”

“The only sacrifice we do perform is a voluntary sacrifice of self to Self that takes the form of words.”

“There is only our own consciousness.”

“We hold as sacred the Life of humanity. Our self love and our self dissatisfaction is expressed upon humanity.”

“In ritual, you can begin to reach inward to contact the true and tangible god of your own universe.”

Not to mention pseudo-intellectual babble such as:

“Herein lie the roots of a certain kind of outcome-justified thinking that is prevalent in modern culture. The ethics of Plato reflect his commitment to teleology, the doctrine that purpose and design are apparent in nature, and that natural phenomena move inexorably towards certain goals of ultimate self realization.”

[Note: We might be unkind and enquire (a) as to whether the author can read Plato in Greek or has to rely on translations, and (b) how many years has he devoted to the study of the works of Plato. For if he cannot read Greek and has not undertaken such a years-long study then, from a scholarly, intellectual, perspective his words merely convey his personal opinions about a subject he does not know very well, and thus his opinions are worthless. The afore-quoted babble certainly indicates a pretentious specimen of Homo Hubris trying, and laughably failing, to appear erudite.]

Naturally, these satanic pretenders and pseudo-intellectuals infesting the Occult milieu will not STFU, for the internet provides them with a sense of importance, and if they spew forth their mumbo-jumbo, their opinions, and their pseudo-intellectual babble for long enough they might even gain some admiration (and even acceptance) from their fellow pretenders. Why, they might even go on to self-publish a book about ‘satanism’ and/or about the Occult, as they might even found some ‘temple’ or ‘coven’ or group and appoint themselves a ‘high priest’ or even an ‘ipsissimus’.

What these self-important egoistic pretenders do not know, or ignore, is that a real understanding and a real knowing arise – and only arise – from three things. (1) From a participation, of many years, in real life of such an exeatic intensity that it brings pathei-mathos, with all the attendant sadness, joy, ecstasy, anguish, and personal suffering; (2) from a rational reflexion on the foregoing and thus a placing of such personal participation into an Aeonic, a cosmic, perspective; and (3) from a refined and a scholarly study and a seeking of knowledge spanning at least a decade.

Now, one of the real secrets of the LHP, of satanism, of the sinister, is that it encourages, it provokes, it encompasses, it guides the individual into all of these three, so that it is a way for the individual to acquire, to feel, to know, wisdom, and which knowing and feeling so profoundly affect the person that they are transformed into a new variety of human being.

But what in some way is worse than these modern self-described ‘satanists’ are some of those who now are associating themselves with – or claiming to be – ONA, mostly anonymously and invariably via the medium of the internet. Of course, these ONA wannabes have no real-life sinister deeds to their name (even though some of them claim they have) just as they have never followed our hard Seven Fold Way. Not for them a culling or three; or the amorality of a career of ‘crime’. Not for them running a street gang for a year or more. Not for them a year-long Insight Rôle or two. Not for them hard physical challenges and three months in the wilderness alone. Not for them the intellectual challenge of the advanced Star Game or spending a year mastering, and then performing with a group, Esoteric Chant. Not for them the esotericism of using such chant with a large crystal tetrahedron to see what occurs within and external to their psyche.

For these frauds prefer pretension and words to living – year after year and for decades – a real sinister amoral exeatic life, with some even acquiring (to those lacking real Occult abilities) something of a ‘reputation’ outside of ONA circles. Yet we know who the frauds are, just as some of the frauds themselves know who and what they are, although naturally in some cases they do not know what they are, such is the excess of their arrogance, their self-delusion, their pretension, their belief that they are and have been ‘very clever’.

Of course, in some small way some of these muppets may be useful, for a while. And useful to us, for example, in spreading (knowingly or unknowingly) the ONA mythos and ONA propaganda, or as in (unknowing to them) playing japes on and confusing mundanes, or as in diverting public attention from some of those of our kind who wish to operate in the shadows, or as in distributing our MSS and so perhaps inciting others of our sinister kind around the world to actually presence the dark by their living or by beginning the hard journey to wisdom by following our Seven Fold Sinister Way.

So while they serve a useful purpose we might choose not to publicly expose them for the frauds they are. And it is fun watching them, and – occasionally – toying with them, in public and in private. And fun observing how mundanes are often conned by these ‘ONA pretenders’ even though the very words these pretenders write and say betray them for who and what they really are.

Meanwhile, we shall keep doing our two necessary sinister things. (1) Clandestinely recruiting, person to person, in the traditional way; and (2) openly and clearly stating just who and what we are, and what Satanism and the sinister mean – as in practical, amoral, heretical, exeatic, deeds, as in gaining skill in our difficult and dangerous Dark Arts, and as in our life-long quest for wisdom.

But the causal Time will arise, and (in Aeonic terms) soon, when such muppets will no longer be needed or useful, just like the medium of the internet.


AL (Order of Nine Angles) 121 yf