Symbol of Baphomet - The Dark Goddess

The Inner ONA

The Inner ONA is the exoteric name given to a select group of individuals who while now part of The Order of Nine Angles, in many ways pre-date – in tradition, practices and way of life – the formation of the ONA (c.1971 CE) from three pre-existing groups: the Fenland/Cantabrigian based Noctulians, the northern Temple of The Sun, and the Shropshire/Herefordshire based Camlad. In many ways, the Inner ONA is a continuation of Camlad.

It is from noble cultured – gentlemanly or lady-like – Adepts (qv. Noble Guide to The Dark Arts) that modern candidates for the Inner ONA are recruited.

The Inner ONA basically consists of individuals, known to each other personally, and from traditional nexions, of the Grade of Internal Adept and above, who possess the faculty of dark-empathy (aka esoteric empathy aka sinister empathy) and who possess certain other personal qualities. These individuals have therefore all had some personal guidance, over a period of many years, from one of our kind familiar with the Rounwytha tradition, and thus the inner ONA is akin to an extended family who maintain and who continue, on a personal basis, the esoteric Rounwytha (Camlad) tradition. This tradition was, according to aural accounts, that of the primal (but not necessarily then always dark) tradition maintained by rural sorceresses who lived in a certain area of England: that is, Shropshire and the Welsh Marches.

Given the requirements and this tradition, it is perhaps not surprising that the majority of those in the Inner ONA are women.

Order of Nine Angles
121 Year of Fayen