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Order of Nine Angles Style, O9A Chic


The ONA style – what distinguishes us and perfumes us (esoterically and exoterically) with the scent of the sinister – can be easily summed up, for it is a combination of the following three elements: (a) practical years-long sinister, satanic, and exeatic/heretical, experience; (b) practical, years-long, esoteric experience and the development of skill in our Dark Arts; and (c) our commitment to our Law of New Aeon, aka the code of kindred honour.

Real style is subtle, understated, and people either have it, or not. Those that have style generally do not flaunt it, because they do not need to since they know it, wear it, and comport themselves, effortlessly and in a refined manner. Which perhaps explains why there are far far more stylish refined women than there are stylish, refined, men…

ONA people have style, either naturally or acquired as a result of their experience, their learning – a style evident not in clothes, accesories, footwear, coiffure, but in character, bearing, experience: in short, in personality and the effortless refined skill of a personal sinister-cloaking.

A feature of the internet is that people cannot see and cannot personally interact with – and so cannot judge – those who have our style: who have the experience, the skills, the refinement, the commitment, the esoteric understanding, that makes them and marks them as ONA, as practical exponents of our particular sinister/satanic way of life.

As a result, the impersonal internet has (with only a few notable exceptions over a period of more than twelve years) became the province of the o9a-pretendu crowd – (a) those who spew forth an opinion about the ONA, the sinister, the Satanic, and the groups associated with them, but who lack practical and years-long experience of such matters, and (b) those who, on-line, align themselves with the ONA (or even claim to belong to the ONA or claim to have formed or belong to some ONA inspired group) and who proceed to write (often at great length) about their own views and the ONA (or that group) but who also lack practical years-long sinister, and exeatic/heretical, experience, and practical, years-long, esoteric experience and the development of skill in our Dark Arts.

For well over a decade, the o9a-pretendu crowd (which is, unsurprisingly, male-dominated) have cast forth their seemingly interminable words into cyberspace, as quite a few of them have formed those words into printed works most often sent forth to be read in the real world of humans by means of such new mechanisms as ‘print-on-demand’ internet publishers. Of course, this all helped to addle the minds of some susceptible people, which was fun.

A member of this o9a-pretendu crowd is easy to spot, on-line and off-line, for their words and their opinions reveal their lack of style, their lack of sinister experience, their lack of esoteric understanding.

For instance, how many of these internet-wordsmiths have:

(1) Undertaken a culling?
(2) Undertaken the rite of external adept?
(3) Trained for and achieved the basic physical challenges of our Way?
(4) Undertaken several Insight Rôles?
(5) Undertaken the rite of internal adept or spent at least three months alone in the wilderness?
(6) Indulged in violent, ‘criminal’, and other amoral activities for six months to a year?
(7) Acquired skill in esoteric chant and performed it with a group?
(8) Acquired skill in the advanced form of the star game?
(9) Undertaken rites to invoke the dark gods using a large crystal tetrahedron?
(10) Run a group/nexion/temple of many individuals for a year or two – and so had to deal with their questions, the squabbles, the rivalry?
(11) Had that group/nexion/temple plan and conduct the tests for selecting an opfer and then perform a rite of sacrifice?
(12) Sinisterly manipulated or incited someone, or several, into undertaking a culling and/or an act of terror?
(13) Sinisterly manipulated or incited someone, or several, into a life of violence and/or crime and/or of practical heretical/adversarial activism disruptive of the status quo?

Of these thirteen things how many have you/they done? For your/their words to be anything more than mundane pretentious waffle about the ONA (and about the sinister) the answer should be at least five of them. If these include (1), (3) (5), (10) and (11) then your/their opinions about the ONA and the sinister are at the very least worth reading. If you/they have done (1), (3), (5), (6), (7), (8), (10), (11), (12) then kudos to you/them and your/their views will be interesting and possibly enable you/them to make some original contribution to the ONA and so aid its development.

If you/they have not done any of these things, or done only one or two of them, then that is just not good enough, and you/they should try harder, start being satanic in real life, or stop pretending to be O9A. For your/their opinions – your/their words – have no value to us or to anyone who is living or who has lived an exeatic, a practical, sinister life, and you/they lack the sinister style that makes and marks someone as O9A.

For the above thirteen things are some of the most obvious practical manifestations of our particular sinister/satanic way of life, and thus sum up our charming but devilish style. For, the ONA is, contrary to all other sinister/Satanic groups and in direct opposition to all others who profess to be latter-day Satanists:

  • practising or disposed to practise evil;
  • actually or potentially harmful, destructive, disastrous, pernicious; baleful;
  • malicious; mischievous, sly;
  • bad in moral character, disposition;
  • hard, difficult, misleading, deadly, amoral;
  • malevolent, offensive. [1]

So, the o9a-pretendu crowd need to ask themselves the following two questions: (a) Are you/they – or were you/they – just being mislead/manipulated, or did you/they just mislead (delude) yourself/themselves? (b) Just what did you/they believe or assume the Order of Nine Angles was and incited?

As I wrote quite recently:

“Just how many times in the past three decades have we said just who and what we are? It’s all out there, in print, in cyberland, in the people of our traditional nexions. Just how many times have we said we are really sinister, satanic, amoral, heretical and offensive? How many times have we said that we manipulate and test people? That we toy with them? That we enjoy japes? That we have certain standards and guidelines? Just how many times have we said that we have an aural tradition unknown to those who have not been taught it? Just how many times have we said that traditional ONA nexions, and an Inner ONA, exist, and continue to guide and test others personally, and undertake acts of culling?” [2]

As I wrote over three years ago:

” Let us not be mis-understood: genuine Satanists are evil. They question, seek to know, and they defy. They champion, advocate, and propagate – and most importantly live, as a way of defiance and ecstasy – whatever is genuinely heretical, or forbidden, in the societies of their times. They cause, and strive to cause, Chaos, disruption, revolution, and thus causal Change.

They are the fomenters of, and the agents of, evil, of genuine darkness. They are adversarial; agents of genuine human evolution, which evolution only and ever arises from an acceptance of challenges and the application of the Sinister Dialectic: from the direct causal presencing of acausal darkness.

They cause harm, disaster, corruption, and death; they bring joy, ecstasy and laughter, but perhaps most of all they bring death – and sometimes, or often, before the due time to those deserving of such an early death: death to those who have shown by their actions that they have a weak character or are a nuisance, or a hindrance to the spread of darkness, to the creation of the new from the destruction, the change, of the old. Genuine Satanists are dangerous people to know; associating with them is a risk. They might get you in trouble with the Police; they might make you into a real ‘outlaw’; they might bring you to the notice of the Intelligence Services. They are trouble…” [3]

So there you have it, the ONA is trouble, stylish, and fun.

Anton Long
122 yfayen

[1] Toward Understanding Satanism (ONA, 122 yfayen). That we in that text use the standard definitions of Satanism and the Satanic, as given in the complete Oxford English Dictionary, to differentiate ourselves from others who claim to represent Satanism – and who claim to be Satanic – is deliberate, although it is only to be expected that (a) only a few will understand why, and (c) many or most will regard it as confirming what they in their delusion believe in, and accept about both themselves and us.

[2] Just Who Do They Think We Are? (ONA, 122 yfayen)

[3] Satanism – The Epitome of Evil (ONA, 119 yf)