The Secret Joy, a painting by Richard Moult
Marcheyre Rhinings
Being Some Writings Relating To The Rounwytha

The link below is to a pdf document containing a collection of essays concerned with part of the aural Rounwytha (or Camlad) tradition whose extant adherents (from 1972 ce until 2011 ce) formed part of the esoteric association known as The Order of Nine Angles.

The recent essays included in this compilation had their genesis in questions asked of AL by some academics interested in the ONA and our aural traditions, and also in the desire by some long-standing ONA folk for AL to pen some scribblings about the Rounwytha tradition itself thus making this tradition more known, especially given the world-wide expansion of the ONA itself over the past decade or so.

In one or two of these essays – for example, the one entitled The Rounwytha Way – Our Sinister Feminine Archetype – suggestions have been made as to how this tradition might usefully be developed within the ONA.

Marcheyre Rhinnings
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