Order of Nine Angles


June 2013 ev.

Two new items have been published:

1) Roots and Organization of the Order of Nine Angles

2) On Leaving, Joining, Leadership, and Time

March 2013 ev.

Four new items have been published:

1) Hebdomadry

2) Dialectics and Aeonic Sorcery

3) The Radical Sinister Philosophy of Anton Long

4) Sinister Dialectic: The Next Three Hundred Years

February 2013 ev.

Three new articles have been published:

1) The ONA In Contemporary Fiction

2) Overview of The Star Game

3) A Review of Diablerie

January 2013 ev. The ‘authorized’ nineangles.info website expired on January 4, 2013 ev and will not be renewed. It has served its purpose as part of phase/iteration/stage 2 of ONA development – qv. Some Inner ONA Documents re these stages. As mentioned in Playing The Sinister Game,

“As of January 2012 CE the ONA ceased to play the internet version of our Sinister Game as its object – connected with the beginning of the Third Phase of our centuries-long sinister, Aeonic, strategy – had been achieved, the ephemeral medium known as the internet having served its purpose.”