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Just Who Do They Think We Are?

The Occult, the Internet, and How to Offend People

Since the development of the ‘world wide web’ as a rapid, accessible, impersonal, and international, means of communication, propaganda, and publicity, many esoteric organizations and groups, and their members, have used it and do use it, including the Order of Nine Angles.

Yet this new medium also militates against many of the things that make esoteric organizations genuinely esoteric, where by esoteric here is meant not only the standard definition given in the Oxford English Dictionary, which is:

“From the Greek ἐσωτερικ-ός. Of philosophical doctrines, treatises, modes of speech. Designed for, or appropriate to, an inner circle of advanced or privileged disciples; communicated to, or intelligible by, the initiated exclusively. Hence of disciples: Belonging to the inner circle, admitted to the esoteric teaching.”

but also and importantly pertaining to the Occult Arts and imbued with a certain mystery, and redolent of the sinister, or of the numinous, or of what we term ‘the sinisterly-numinous’, and where by Occult in this context we mean beyond the mundane, beyond the simple causality of the causal, and thus beyond conventional causal-knowing.

In this sense, the ONA is most certainly an esoteric group. It has its own Occult Arts. Its own philosophical doctrines and treatises, which are appropriate to those who meet certain criteria, just as it has its own specific terms which are often only intelligible to those who have discovered or been informed of their meaning. The ONA also has a body of initiates – those who have followed or are following our initiatory Seven Fold Way – as well as something of a sinister aura, partly due to its doctrines (such as culling and amorality), partly due to the aural traditions, party due to its labryinthos-mythologicus, and partly due to the diverse and publicly documented activities of its founder.

It should thus be easy to discern how and why the ‘world wide web’ contends against such esoteric things. For instance, one of our criteria is that of practical deeds, of the necessity of living an exeatic, experiential, life, just as our Occult Arts – which include the cultivation of esoteric-empathy and a living by our code of kindred-honour – are of a most practical nature.

Hence for the ONA, its privileged, exclusive, nature is manifest in three ways. First, in the traditional manner of personal recruitment and the training and guidance of initiates of traditional nexions; second, in the long-term, years-long, nature of the odyssey; and third in the hard, testing, challenging, nature of our Occult Arts and thus in our high standards:

“Our standards are simple and amount to doing both practical sinister and practical exeatic deeds. Not just talking and writing about such things, but doing them.”

Our standards also include a certain culture – or rather those who are of us have, or are expected to cultivate, a certain personal character, a character evident for instance in our code of kindred-honour.

So why does and why has the ONA used this new medium which encourages the rapid and vapid – the mundane – exchange of impersonal words and images? Simply as a convenient means, a tool; of incitement, inspiration, propaganda, disaffection, subversion, disruption, provokation, and as a sinister opportunity, a gift, for those so inclined or already possessed of a Baeldracan nature. That is all.

Qualités Occultes – An Internet Scenario

To appreciate this ‘that is all’, let us consider the following scenario, hypothetical or otherwise. Some person – using a pseudonym or three – over a period of a year or more develops something of an Internet reputation among the Internet Occult-pretendu crowd, due to his writings, his e-mail exchanges, his participation in Internet forums, and the blogs and websites he puts up. He makes various claims about himself, and about his esoteric knowledge, and passes himself of as, or comes to be considered by the Internet Occult-pretendu as, an ‘adept’ of a certain sinister esoteric group.

But the fact is he remains just some anonymous person waffling on the Internet who has no real-world reputation for sinister deeds that are verified by mainstream, non-internet, sources, and whose character, whose culture, whose adherence to our Occult culture, is unknown.

This person and others like him – male and female – may be pukka, but until you get to know people face-to-face and until they have a known and verified reputation for sinister deeds in the real world, you are and remain – according to our nature and thus according to the first rule of the Internet version of our sinister game – cautious, suspicious, and so do not trust them and especially do not trust what they say about their experiences, their ‘achievements’, their character, and themselves.

Which means the words and opinions of this unknown person, written or spoken, are just impersonal words and vapid opinions conveyed by an impersonal modern medium, and have no reality in our esoteric, Occult, world, just like the person themselves.

Thus this person is and remains just some unknown guy among millions of mundanes posting stuff on the Internet or in self-published books and zines.

The person only becomes real – seen to be possessed of Occult virtues and Occult qualities or the promise thereof – when they are personally known to us (thus revealing their true identity, and their skills and qualities), or when they have a plethora of publicly documented and verified deeds, or when they have several scholarly works to their credit, although in the latter two instances they still remain personally untrusted.

For the fact is, we are not trusting white-lighters or harming-none wiccans or gullible mundanes or nazarenes. We are ONA – sinister, satanic; made by practical experience and by undertaking hard challenges. We have a certain culture. We go by the proven deeds and proven character and culture of a person and just do not care if they take offence when we point out certain facts about their cyberwords or about sinister living and our type of person.

However, that being said, there are certain signs, and certain tests, which enable us to judge an anonymous person claiming, via the medium of the Internet, adherence to our esoteric association and claiming to belong to our particular, distinct Occult culture; signs and tests which might, just might, indicate they are charlatans and frauds, or mundanes pretending to be one of us. For as it has been said and written for well over thirty years, we are elitist, exclusive, and Occult.

Signs and Tests

1) Some Possible Signs

Since someone of our elitist kind has a certain culture – and thus certain high personal standards, many deriving from our code of kindred honour – a failure to meet these high standards is indicative. Our kind have a particular – some would say a peculiar – personal character which marks them as ONA, as very different from mundanes, and quite different from many or most of those involved with other Occult groups.

One of our standards is a lack of pretentiousness and a striving for self-honesty especially about one’s knowledge (or lack of it) and one’s own esoteric skills and abilities (or lack of them). Another standard is manners toward our own kind:

“Manners among our own kind are a part of the kulture and the ethos that make us ONA, that make us a kollective, a sinister kindred, and therefore make us who or what we are, or who or what we desire to be […] The ONA, the kollective, does have standards, guidelines, and that relying on one’s own judgement doesn’t mean you can dump our ethos, our standards, our kulture, and still call yourself ONA. No, it means that you’re at liberty to do such things, but you won’t any longer be ONA.” A Sentient Sinister Entity Presenced In The Causal

Thus, it is indicative if someone, via the Internet or other medium, descends down to personal vituperation against one of us, or boasts about ‘being an Adept/Master/whatever’, or makes grandiose claims about themselves and their ‘contributions’, and so on in similar mundane veins.

Just how many times have we said that kindred honour is part of what makes us ONA? Do not those who descend down to personal vituperation against one of us know that this kindred honour means we treat mundanes in a certain way and our kind in an altogether different way?

Similarly, if someone publicly, via the Internet or other medium, claims to have undertaken the rite of Internal Adept, or that of The Abyss, or waffles on about and claims to have mastered The Star Game, or claims to have learnt Esoteric Chant, then such claims are indicative – for without exception those making such claims never present, via the medium(s) of their claim or otherwise, any evidence. Evidence such as: images of their physical Star Game structure; their complete Internal Adept journal; recordings of them performing Esoteric Chant; and so on. No proof – all we ever get is cyberwaffle and more cyberwaffle, or some self-published books and zines, usually attributed to some pseudonym or other.

2) Possible Tests

Just how many times in the past decade – since some of us began using the ‘world wide web’ –  have we openly said that people, even some of our people, and those who claim to be our people, are sometimes tested, particularly when they do not expect it as when they feel they may have ‘established themselves’ or gained something of an internet-reputation? And tested even via this medium, the Internet. How many times has this been said? Scores of times, for we have been playing The Sinister Game [see below], our satanic game, for nearly forty years, and enjoying it. Just as we have have devised and are devising new games for our kind to enjoy.

For such unexpected testing is part of our Occult culture, a part hinted at decades ago in, for example, The Deofel Quartet. Yet even now the subjects of such tests – if they discover them or are informed of them or they are hinted at – often whine and moan about it, as, more often than not, they feel offended and hurt like just some mundane.

Conclusion – Being Difficult

It perhaps needs stating, yet again, that the Order of Nine Angles is difficult, testing; that belonging to it – that becoming, being, one of our elitist kind – is something one earns, achieves; and that this privilege and pride of so belonging should not be taken for granted. For just like a skilled marksman, having acquired that skill, still needs to train and practice, so do our kind need to continue to train, to practice, to test themselves, and be tested. For such is our nature.

As I wrote, above: we have a certain culture; we go by the proven deeds and proven character and culture of a person and just do not care if they take offence when we point out certain facts about sinister living and our type of person. It really is quite laughable how the anonymous cyber-Occutlists – even some of those claiming adherence to the ONA – believe that their cyberwords have meaning and value while they remain unknown with no proven deeds, no proven Occult qualities, or no scholarly works to their credit.

Just how many times in the past three decades have we said just who and what we are? It’s all out there, in print, in cyberland, in the people of our traditional nexions. Just how many times have we said we are really sinister, satanic, amoral, heretical and offensive? How many times have we said that we manipulate and test people? That we toy with them? That we enjoy japes? That we have certain standards and guidelines? Just how many times have we said that we have an aural tradition unknown to those who have not been taught it? Just how many times have we said that traditional ONA nexions, and an Inner ONA, exist, and continue to guide and test others personally, and undertake acts of culling?

Just how many times in the past three decades have we said that our kind have or are expected to cultivate self-honesty, self-control?

For just what do those who get involved with us in person, or who align themselves with us via the Internet, expect? An easy ride? Kudos for words posted on the Internet or exchanged via e-mail? Us calling them Adepts of The Sinister Tradition? No one around to test them, unexpectedly, in real life or via the Internet?

Just calling yourself ONA, on the Internet or elsewhere, does not make you ONA –  it is practical deeds, being part of our Occult culture, upholding kindred honour, and tests, challenges, learning from experience, recruiting others in person, which do. The Internet is just one tool, among many. Our sinister-numen is not there; our people are not there – except that some of us may sometimes, and for a short while only, use such an ephemeral tool for some specific purpose. And what an ephemeral tool it is, Aeonically.

As an ONA person recently expressed it to me:

” The bottom line is – if they don’t like who we are and what we do and what we say, they can f*** off. If they get offended, they should harden themselves, get some sinister skills. We’re not into the numbers game. Sinister personal development, trust and reputation are earned, in real life, not via the net. The net can be useful but we’re not really ‘there’ and we don’t want to be really ‘there’ – we’ve been growing slowly ‘here’, in the towns, cities, rural areas, neighborhoods, by people doing sinister stuff, personally promoting our kulture, and recruiting and inspiring others, person to person. That’s occult; that’s us in action.

So what if someone, told some sinister truths – starkly made aware of who and what we and they are – has a hissy-fit and takes down their ‘ONA supporting’ blog or website, or talks BS and whines about us on the net or via emails…” PH, 12/7/11 ce

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles

Source – http://pointyhat.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/who-do-they-think-we-are/