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How To Spot a Pretender

Over the past decade several mundanes – suffering from what we call The Charlatan-Ego Syndrome [1] – have spread the rumor, by means of the Internet, that they have taken over the ONA/are the new leader of the ONA/own the ONA/are the real ONA/have purged the ONA of undesirable elements (or doctrines), and so on ad nauseam.

These individuals are easily exposed, for several reasons:

(1) They cannot answer any of the ten questions [2] designed to test the esoteric knowledge of genuine ONA Adepts, and which answers to such questions ONA Adepts know by virtue of aural transmission. That is, ONA Adepts – those who have reached the stage of Internal Adept (or beyond) on the Seven-Fold Way – have acquired this knowledge personally from another ONA Adept.

Quite often, being unable to answer such questions, the pretenders then claim that “the questions are meaningless”.

(2) The vast majority of ONA nexions do not have, and do not desire, an Internet presence, and form extended families known to each personally and who generally live in the same locality.

Most of the more traditional nexions (those following the Seven Fold Way) are in personal contact with someone from the Inner ONA [3]. But the pretenders do not know where these nexions are, let alone anyone in them.

(3) These pretenders have no documented sinister history under their real name; no practical sinister deeds done, in real life. All they have is them boasting about themselves via the medium of the Internet, usually anonymously, on blogs, websites, or forums they have set up themselves, or on other forums which they troll.

(4) These pretenders are almost always far less than fifty years in age. Given that it takes at least twenty-five years for someone (an adult) following the living tradition, the sinister way, of the ONA to achieve the grade of GrandMaster/LadyMaster/Magus, their claim is obviously ridiculous.

(5) These pretenders have not undertaken the three basic ONA tasks [4] the successful completion of which – together with other skills such as proficiency in the advanced Star Game – would mark then as ONA Adepts.

Where is their journal written during the Internal Adept rite? Where the recordings of them performing esoteric chant with a group? Where are the photographs of the advanced Star Game they have made? When asked to produce such documentary evidence – in private or in public – they make excuses/fail to respond/slink away/ or bluster that “such proof isn’t necessary,” usually because they claim such tasks our “not relevant” or “are outdated”.

(6) These pretenders are invariably male, and – by virtue of suffering from The Charlatan Syndrome – not only posturing egotists but also almost always ill-mannered and misogynist, blissfully unaware in their ignorance that:

(a) a large number (the majority) of ONA nexions are run/organized by women;
(b) the ONA has always had many Sapphic nexions;
(c) of all LHP/Satanic groups, the ONA has the largest percentage of women;
(d) there is a muliebral thread which binds traditional ONA nexions together, and which muliebral presencing forms one of the foundations of the living ONA tradition.

Thus, by their very attitudes, their behavior, their appearance (such as, in one instance, being grossly overweight), their macho posturing (such as, in another instance, a shaved head and goatee beard in imitation of LaVey the Magian), their lack of knowledge of this muliebral presencing and its importance, the fact they are unknown to our Sapphic groups and do not possess the faculty of empathy (let alone manners), they reveal themselves for who and what they really are.

It is to be expected, given human nature and ‘the Internet’ and the mystique of the ONA, that more ONA pretenders will emerge over the next decade or so; and also after that, as ‘the Internet’ evolves and new communication technologies emerge.

The Internet Fallacy
One mistake made by these ONA pretenders is that they suffer from the ‘Mister Wise Internet Syndrome’ and thus delude themselves about the importance and relevance of the Internet.

However, for genuine esoteric seekers – either of what is known as the LHP or the RHP – the Internet is irrelevant, even as a source of genuine, reliable, esoteric knowledge. A genuine esoteric tradition is still taught aurally, person to person., and esoteric wisdom arises from a reflexion born from personal, direct, practical experience: from an alchemical symbiosis; from that acausal growth that arises slowly over causal time.

That is, it is personal practical experience over many years which brings esoteric knowledge – a learning from our own pathei-mathos. This learning cannot be rushed.

Thus, it does not even matter if these pretenders set up fake websites or blogs or forums using the Order of Nine Angles name or some variant of it. For they do not realize in their mundaneness that if anyone is fooled by such Order of Nine Angles name scams, then it just shows those people for the fools, the mundanes, they are, and that by setting up such fake sites, blogs, or forums, they are only attracting mundanes, boosting their own delusions, and doing us a favor; as they also are if they manage to attract sycophantic followers by their use of the ONA name.

The reality is that such pretenders and their scams are irrelevant – ephemeral, in Aeonic terms – and/or a source of amusement for us as well as for others.

For we are, we have been, and we shall be – through the centuries. A growing extended family, recruiting as we have recruited, teaching as we have taught, person to person. While they, with their few sycophantic followers (if any), and their fraud and their Internet scams, will fade away into obscurity after a few months or a few years. Meanwhile, the genuine esoteric seekers get on with the slow hard business of individually learning from direct, practical, experience – sans boasting about it and themselves via an ephemeral medium such as the Internet.

Sinister Moon
Order of Nine Angles
2011 ev / 122 Year of Fayen)


[1]  This mundane affliction is similar in pathology to The Charlatan Syndrome (see below), save for the fact that the mundane suffering from The Charlatan-Ego Syndrome makes the additional claim – and/or has the additional deluded belief – that they are the leader of the ONA or have taken it over or have ‘reformed’ it or ‘are the real ONA’ or now ‘own the ONA’, and/or are influencing the ONA and ONA people by their ‘magic(k)’.

They also have an urge, which they cannot control, to make these grandiose egotistical claims public – almost always via the medium of the Internet.

The Charlatan Syndrome is when a person, a mundane, confers on themselves some grand-sounding title in a silly attempt to “prove” their credentials and their esoteric knowledge. Such spurious, publicly claimed titles, have included, in the past, Magister, Grand Magister, Ipsissimus, Adept, and claims such as being High Priest (of the Wibbly-Wobbly People, or High Priest of DarkLord Butt-Face, ancient deity of the ancient people of the Amorous Empire, or whatever, and so on, blah blah blah).

Sometimes, the pathology is so advanced that an individual claims to be the “true representative of Satan (or The Prince of Darkness)” duly appointed after some ritual or some mumbo-jumbo where Satan/The Prince of Darkness appeared to them and/or spoke to them and gave them a “mandate”.

[2] These ten questions are:

1) What is the meaning and the correct uses [plural] of the term Fayen?

2) What alchemical season is appropriate to Dabih and why?

3) What is the reason that Petriochor is used in the Rite of Afsana, and what is this Rite?

4) What one [singular] terrestrial location is used in calling forth Yusra?

5) How do the Nine Angles relate to Azal, Dhar and Zamal, and what Earth-bound (causal) form (structure/construct) is used to symbolize this?

6) What symbolic structure/construct is beyond the (advanced) form that is The Star Game?

7) How does the causal phenomena perceived in the causal as “gravity” relate to a specific type of acausal energy, and what has this to do with the Dark Gods mythos and the nexion that is the planet Earth?

8) What is the esoteric name of the acausal entity that has the common exoteric name Satan?

9) What manuscript, other than Al-Kitab Al-Alfak, is a source for the nine emanations?

10) Where and when was Al-Kitab Al-Alfak written and what name/title appears on the first folio?

As has been pointed out in several ONA texts: “These answers (with one partial japed/boobytrapped exception) cannot be found by searching the Internet or in published books and MSS, and are revealed aurally on an individual basis, and when required and/or when necessary, by the ONA Adept/Master/LadyMaster guiding the genuine LHP seeker/Dark Sorcerer/Sorceress.”

[3] The Inner ONA consists of ONA people recruited from traditional nexions who have achieved the Grade of Internal Adept and also accomplished some specialized tasks.

[4] These three basic ONA tasks are:

1) Undertaking the basic minimum physical challenges – which for men are (a) walking thirty-two miles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 30 lbs; (b) running twenty-six miles in four hours; (c) cycling two hundred or more miles in twelve hours. For women, the minimum acceptable standards are: (a) walking twenty-seven miles in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 15 lbs. (b) running twenty-six miles in four and a half hours; (c) cycling one hundred and seventy miles in twelve hours.

2) Undertaking the Grade Ritual of External Adept, and then the basic Grade Ritual of Internal Adept (at least three months living in the wilderness alone).

3) Performing, with a congregation and with cantors trained in esoteric Chant, The Ceremony of Recalling with opfer ending.