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The following are extracts from answers given in response to questions submitted to/asked of me in October and early November of this year [122 yfayen] by two individuals, one of whom was an academic researching The Order of Nine Angles for a chapter in a planned book, and the other of whom was a young lady ONA Initiate following the Seven Fold Way who was shortly to undertake the Rite of External Adept.

In a few instances I have – for publication – in the interests of confidentially, to correct typos, and in order clarify certain specific matters, slightly amended the text of some of my replies.

Texts within square brackets are my clarifications/emendations; and three dots within square brackets indicate text has been omitted either: (1) rarely, for reasons of confidentiality, or (2) mostly for conciseness. A few footnotes have been added, post scriptum, in order to elucidate certain matters.

Thanks and credit are due to PH who patiently transcribed the recording of my conversation with the ONA Initiate and whose transcript I only had to alter in respect of my sometimes idiosyncratic capitalization, grammar, and spelling.

Questions From An Academic

In terms of sources of the tradition and the dark gods, you’d hinted at Islamic sources.  My guess is that the 7FW draws partly on the Picatrix.  Unless you’re using Shams-l-maarif, I can’t think of any other grimoires that could be Kitab-i-aflak. Am I near the mark?

No, but that is an interesting comparison nonetheless which no one before has made (kudos to you). The alchemical MS I had access to – consisting of only a small number of folios – has never, to my knowledge, been published or even catalogued, but does bear some comparison to parts of the MS you refer to [ i.e. Shams-l-maarif ] which I was fortunate enough to study (with the then necessary help of a gay [female] friend I had met at University) in the early 1970′s CE on various travels to certain Muslim lands (one of which lands was the homeland of my friend who accompanied me on those travels).

It is therefore possible [although not in my view probable] that the author of Al-Kitab al-Aflak used that grimoire partly as a source.

As I have explained to several people who have privately enquired about this, there are, as no doubt you are aware, thousands of uncatalogued Arabic MSS in libraries and madrasahs throughout the lands of the Muslims. [1]

One thing that did interest me on those travels – but which I then as subsequently never unfortunately had the time to pursue – was how the qabalistic tradition (which I never liked) was most probably (at least according to my intuition then) derived (or should we say stolen) from such Arabic sources [such as Shams-l-maarif].

On the practices of sacrifice: do you think any of the nexions are practising it?  Your own writings have looked forward to a time when multiple nexions would do the Rite of Recalling synchronistically […] One might suspect that it’s an outer form to discourage the merely curious.

Yes, some traditional nexions known to me do practice ritualized culling (some only every seventeen years or so), as some Niners and Dreccs cull in their own individual non-ritualized manner […]  Examples are of a Niner/Drecc undertaking culling would be one of our people in the military [or the Police or a member of one of our urban gangs].  […]

In respect of synchronized culling undertaken by some traditional nexions, that is something we are working toward.

Thus, culling can be and is – and has been – undertaken in a non-ritualized setting. So culling is both a practice – a sinister reality – as well as being to some extent an “outer form to discourage the merely curious”.

Perhaps I should add that culling is a choice, but a choice we do expect our people to make if they desire to learn and advance beyond the early stages of our Way.

Given that ONA is now international, it’s unlikely that many nexions will ever have direct access to the Old Guard (so to speak), and so a certain aural component of the tradition may be available to those in the UK, but not necessarily those in (say) Europe or Asia.  Does this matter, or is the 7FW sufficient enough it itself that the aural traditions are not necessary for the development of Masters around the globe?

This is an interesting and relevant question which – curiously – I discussed only last year with a few of the few people I have personally guided over the past three decades. Naturally, such aural traditions will still be related person to person in the old manner but that, quite naturally and as you intimate, still only covers a limited geographical area: the British Isles and in more recent years a few countries in Europe.

My view was, and is, that for the global Order a lot of our aural traditions are important, partly because they provide perspectives, esoteric information, and advice, that are unavailable by means of the printed (and now, viewed) word. Therefore, I decided to directly write about, or hint at, some of these traditions in a few articles and in some correspondence with certain individuals.

One example I mentioned in my last answers to you, when I made reference to the Ancient Wisdom of the Isles of Briton section of a recent article of mine. A tradition relating to not naming gods, spirits, and the like – that is, the empathic knowing (naturally, as in a Rounwytha, or learned, as in our tradition) of the undivided wholeness of which we as individual human beings are properly a nameless part: a connexion to our family, our ancestors, our close friends, our community, to the land, and thence to Nature and thence to the Cosmos (the heavens) beyond. A connexion born out of a shared pathei-mathos, of living in an area with such folk, year after year after year – not born out of some religion or even some belief in some metaphysical abstractions.

Another example is the traditional Camlad Rite of The Abyss, in the pdf compilation concerning EnantiodromiaThe Sinister Abyssal Nexion. But I do still expect individuals – if interested, motivated, and sagacious enough – to work some things out for themselves […]

Other examples of – and hints about – the aural traditions are in some other articles I have written in the past year. Causal Time, and other factors, permitting, I may write some more such articles. [2]

One particular example, dealing with dating festivities and Samhain, is quoted in the article The Rounwytha Tradition. […]

Recently I re-read CS Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength”, and found the word “nexus” used for the cabal of dark Satanic magicians.  I wondered if you might have gotten the inspiration to use the word from this particular book? 

No. The word derived from my schoolboy rebellious use of x in words such as reflexion and connexion. […]

Thus, nexion seemed to me a suitable word for a connexion between causal and acausal. In truth, I did not read CS Lewisuntil some years later when I met [a young lady] who absolutely adored his works and who had a rather large toy lion (some four feet in length) whom she called Aslan […]

Questions From A Rounwytha Initiate

Would I be right in thinking that in practical terms the Rounwytha principle means the Order of Nine Angles puts great emphasis on women?

Yes indeed. We always seem to have more women than men, at least pre-Internet, and certainly still do in our traditional nexions following the Seven Fold Way. Partly because of a knowing of and respect for the natural abilities of certain women, their character; partly because of the Rounwytha ethos that is central to the Order of Nine Angles, past, present and future, and also because our Way demands a genuine, sharing, empathic, and equal partnership between men and women, and because of our acceptance that Sapphism is natural and, to an extent, esoterically important.

One of the manifest errors – distortions – of the Left Hand Path, and of the Satanic, Magian Occultism so prevalent in the West, in the past, as still now, is its patriarchal nature and the fact that it is dominated by the de-evolutionary doctrine of so-called might is right and thus dominated by and infested with male specimens of Homo Hubris who have no sense of honour, no culture, no empathy, no arête, little or no self-honesty, little or no manners, but who instead possess a bloated ego and a very high opinion of themselves.

One might say, with some justification in my view, that this reflects our current societies – that this domination and infestation in the Occult world, within the LHP and Satanism by such specimens, is mirrored by the domination of our societies by such specimens.

The view of women by many if not the majority of these male specimens of Homo Hubris is lamentable, dishonourable, uncultured, prejudiced – and typical of the Magian ethos, and of the Judeo-Nazarene tradition in general. For many of these male specimens, women are there for enjoyment; to satiate one’s lust; to bear children and look after children – and often to look after the man, to care for the man if and when the man allows them. That is, women are viewed by such male creatures as useful, and even occasionally as necessary, in terms for example of certain sexual instincts, appetites. But women are not viewed as complimentary to such a man; certainly not as an essential, a needed, complimentary, as an equal and necessary partner.

Thus, and excuse the generalization, but most of these male specimens of Homo Hubris do not think about women as close personal friends; of wanting a woman as a best friend, or women as their best friends – for they, these ‘real men’, have ‘their mates’ for that, and for most such male specimens the very thought of such a thing as having women as best mates makes them uncomfortable.

That is, for these specimens of Homo Hubris physical prowess and ‘manly competition’ are important, often to the extent that physical prowess, ‘manly competition’ and having mates, and being aggressive, defines them – is a measure of their self-identity, their ‘manliness’. Thus are they basically still primitive, still barbarians; still prone to the dishonourable blood lust and uncontrollable rage of such barbarians and still adhering mostly unconsciously to the doctrine of so-called ‘might is right’.

The truth is that many women are naturally gifted with qualities that many men still lack – qualities necessary in men for balance, both esoteric and exoteric. And qualities certainly required for someone to become an Internal Adept of our tradition and then pass into and beyond The Abyss, and thus qualities required to bring forth an entirely new and more evolved species of human being.

You’re talking feminine qualities here? About empathy, right?

Yes, female qualities; natural female abilities. About natural empathy among other qualities. Natural empathy being one of the most important – and meaning having or developing a sensitivity to other people – to their feelings, their thoughts – and having or developing a sensitivity to other life, especially Nature.  Natural empathy being the genesis of our esoteric-empathy, and which esoteric-empathy is thus a refinement and development of such natural empathy.

So yes, qualities hitherto most often associated with the female of our species, and not generally, for the most part, hitherto, associated with most men.

What other female qualities, apart from empathy, then?

Intuition, for one. Intuition as not only a foreseeing, an intimation, but also as interior self-reflexion. Charm, for another. Subtly, for another.

You mentioned developing them, these qualities. How?

Firstly by understanding our potential, and part of which understanding is of ourselves, of a man and of a woman, having both a sinister and a numinous character within them, and sinister and numinous abilities. For, in a simplified – very inexact way – and to an extent in an unconscious archetypal way, we might speak of these particular female qualities as natural expressions or intimations of the ur-numinous, and manly blood lust, rage, and competitiveness, as natural expressions or intimations of the ur-sinister. [3]

So development means developing and expressing what is missing or lacking, and also developing what is there or already expressed, and then melding what is so developed and using this meld, this amalgam, as the genesis of a new human being. It is in this new being, this new type of life, that our potential becomes manifest.

Our Dark Arts are an effective way to do this, to develop certain qualities and abilities and then this alchemical, living, amalgam. These Black Arts of ours include Grade Rituals such as Internal Adept and the traditional Rite of the Abyss, as well as Arts such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant.

What do you mean – Esoteric Chant a Dark Art and means of developing empathy?

Not empathy, per se, but as a means of self-development, of self and acausal discovery, as intimation, and as a presencing of certain acausal energies.

For example, Esoteric Chant aids the necessary, for us, ability of self-reflexion as it can aid and develop an awareness of the numinous, and also – when for instance used in certain esoteric ceremonies [4] – it can provide an awareness of the sinister.

Sorry, but I don’t see how singing or chanting can do that.

To learn and become proficient in Esoteric Chant takes time and effort. Unless of course you are already musically gifted and a trained singer and experienced in performing choral works!

But for most it takes many months, often a year or so, to become proficient, to train the voice, to gain the necessary experience of singing with others. In effect, it is rather like an extended Grade Ritual but one undertaken with others of a similar interest and a similar ethos, and with some or many of these necessary others being women. At the very least it requires the help of one’s partner, one’s partner in sorcery, although it is preferable, more effective, to both learn and perform Esoteric Chant with at least three other individuals.

There thus develops, or there should develop, a harmony and a sympatheia with others, and thus an appreciation of such Chant as a manifold nexion. As not only one particular type of nexion – an act or acts of sorcery involving necessary others – but also as a nexion within one’s self. A practical learning therefore of the connexions that esoteric-empathy makes us aware of and also a self-reflexion, a self-discovery and a self-learning.

Simply expressed, in order to learn and become proficient in Esoteric Chant – in order to experience just what this Art is and does – you require the aid, the help, the assistance, of others. You have to interact with, and perform with, them in certain ways. If you don’t do this, the Chant won’t work.

Again, simply expressed, working, learning, living, in this way in pursuit of such an esoteric goal for a year or more moves a man far away from the brutish way of ‘might is right’ – especially as the very Chant itself is quite affective; that is, numinous, quite cultured. Intimations of a more cultured, a more refined, realm of human existence.

But didn’t you say it was also sinister?

Yes indeed, Esoteric Chant can be sinister when used as part of a specific ceremonial Rite. But the performance of such a ceremonial Rite of necessity means belonging to an organized traditional nexion following the initiatory Seven Fold Way, and so such an experience is not that common today among those who use our methods or are inspired by our ethos […]

I guess, in general, we’re not talking here about men becoming kind of effeminate and women becoming masculine!

Au contraire. We’re talking about what lies beyond and before such abstracted illusive opposites. About our potential, and about our real human nature, hidden and distorted for so long by religions; by urbanized ways of life; by the domination of barbarians; then by notions about imperialism and conquest and personal destiny. Then by -isms and -ologies. Now by The State. And so on.

In effect, we’re talking about nurturing, developing, entirely new types of human beings, far removed from Western stereotypes. Types of human beings for whom the societies of modern nation-States are not a natural or even comfortable home but which may provide them with opportunities, resources, and so on. Especially since honour and the developed senses and skills that esoteric-empathy and acausal-thinking provide manifest their different, unique, way of life, and thus how they interact with and react to other human beings.

Can you be more specific, give examples of such new type of woman?

Only in a generalized way. One good illustration would be women of our kind, living by honour – those who were ready, willing, and able to defend themselves and rely on themselves and thus who possessed attitude, and skill enough, and/or carried weapons enabling them to, defeat a strong man or men intent on attacking or subduing them.

One example known to be personally – a friend of someone involved with us – is a female police officer of many years experience based in an American city. She is tough, ‘street-wise’, has used her firearm a few times in the line of duty, is skilled and experienced enough in self-defence and physical restraint techniques to be able to take down a man much bigger than her, and yet she has empathy, can be exceedingly charming, is well-read, and very feminine, a femininity quite noticeable when she is off-duty and enjoying herself with friends and which femininity would make the causal observer unaware of her inner character, her skills, her toughness, and her experience.

Another example may be of interest. A certain person I know very well once learnt, in his youth, a certain Martial Art, and on one of his subsequent travels as a still young man he made the acquaintance of and for a short while trained with a certain lady of Asian origin. This young lady, though slim of stature and rather slight of frame, could easily defeat him and also several muscular men. And yet she was also full of grace; elegant, cultured, well-mannered. Not a woman trying to be masculine in a macho Homo Hubris type of way, just someone who had – according to a tradition, a living culture, she was part of – developed her potential and certain skills while retaining and enhancing what made her feminine. In short, she had acquired a natural balance within herself and was quite different from, inwardly and in skills, from the majority of other women around her although to the causal observer she did not outwardly appear that different.

The type of woman who could put a specimen of Western Homo Hubris in his place!

Most certainly! The type our societies need. A new female archetype if you will, different from the harshly competitive, materialistic, career-type women, and the ladette type, and the man-dependant, man-needing, lover/wife/mother type, that Magian ‘political correctness’ and capitalism seek to encourage, and also different from the men-imitating rather strident type that an increasingly trendy, Magian-derived, so-called feminism seeks to foster.

Instead, the type for whom personal honour is the key to living and to dying, and who – as I said – possesses attitude and skill enough to take care of and defend themselves, and take revenge, without relying on ‘the law’ or on others, and who does not, unconsciously or otherwise, need a man in order to make her happy or fulfilled. Someone, that is, who is not a slave to their desires, their feelings, their needs. Whose happiness, whose fulfilment, is her own, deriving from a consciously made and a consciously understood choice and who, having understood natural desires and feelings, is in control of them but who can enjoy and indulge herself as she pleases; and choose her direction, her goals, and even her sexual orientation. And also someone who has a developed empathy, heightened intuition, and an awareness of and a feeling for the numinous.

In brief, an enhanced woman. A unique individual. Beyond predator and prey. Beyond wife, lover, and mother. Someone tough, skilled, and of inner strength, but still feminine, as that Asian young lady I previously mentioned was.

What about men, then? An example of the new type? Not pacifist, surely!

Someone for whom personal honour is the key to both living and to dying, and who – as a woman of our type, our new breed – has attitude and skill enough to take care of and defend themselves, and take revenge, without relying on ‘the law’ or on others. And someone who has empathy, intuition, and an awareness of and a feeling for the numinous.

In brief, an enhanced, more complete, man, and a unique individual. Beyond Old Aeon masculinity with its primitive doctrine of so-called ‘might is right’ and beyond the role of predator to prey. Someone who, while tough, prefers combat to war because combat is a personal choice, founded on honour, whereas war is the choice, the method, of some supra-personal entity, such as some State, some government, or some leader one is expected to be subservient to and obey without question.

Someone who naturally complements, and who resonates with, the new enhanced woman, and who prefers such strong, tough, yet still feminine, women, to the women of the species Homo Hubris. A partnership of respectful equals. Of man and woman. Of woman and woman. Of man and man; and even of woman-woman-and-man. Already a few such partnerships exist, aided, nurtured, by such individuals having followed our Seven Fold Way or having lived and chosen the life of what we now term ‘a niner’ or ‘a drecc’.

In essence, these are the people – the men and women – who learn from personal experience, from pathei-mathos, and who willingly endure such experiences, and thus who develop a very individual personal judgement and a very individual personal character. Those who have liberated themselves from causal abstractions, and the effects, psychological and psychic, of such causal abstractions, manifest as such effects often are in these mundane, Magian, times of ours in such new archetypes as have been manufactured or have arisen from Magian causal abstractions.

So, we are not talking pacifism, non-violence, or certain moralities here – only of control and aims, and new ways of living. We are not talking about the cessation of desires, or what-not. Instead, of controlling, mastering, and developing, our instincts, and if necessary using them in a directed way to achieve some specific aim or goal, esoteric or exoteric.  We are talking most emphatically of personal choice, about individuals making conscious choices. Of individuals being, well, individual.

We are also talking about acquiring and developing new skills, new arts of living, so that we become – we appear to be, to mundanes, to Homo Hubris – as presencings of a hideous nexion [5]. That is, a new species – orible dragones, baeldracas – emerging from the pit that leads to acausal Hell and thence to a Paradise at first here on terra firma and then on new worlds among the stars of our galaxy, and beyond. A Hell and a Paradise that have lain dormant within us, for centuries.

A Hell and a Paradise that we can dis-cover and experience by becoming unique sinister-numinous emanations, and becoming such emanations by living and by striving according to our code of kindred honour, by individual exoteric and esoteric pathei-mathos, as well as by means of undertaking such esoteric striving as is waymarked by The Seven Fold Way.

Order of Nine Angles
122 Year of Fayen


[1] ‘Thousands’ of uncatalogued MSS in such places is a very conservative estimate. The actual number is probably several tens of thousands, if not more.

[2] One such article is the recently published Denotatum – The Esoteric Problem With Names.

[3] The prefix ur from the German usage, as in ursprache, implying the or a primitive/early form of some-thing.

[4] Such as The Ceremony of Recalling with opfer ending, as given in The Grimoire of Baphomet (Dark Goddess).

[5] Hideous, as in some-thing that by virtue of being partly acausal is, when discovered, first felt as immense and which it is felt conceals hideous things. As, for example, in this quote from the 14th century (CE) work Gesta Romanorum:

“He saw at the fote of the tree an hidowse pitte, ande ane orible dragone þere in.” Harl. MS 5369. xxx. 110