Order of Nine Angles Classic Texts Part Five


Order of Nine Angles


The link below is to a pdf file  (c. 1MB) of the compilation Order of Nine Angles Classic Texts Part Five. This compilation – the last volume in the series of five [1] – is of some recent ONA texts selected because deemed among the most interesting and informative of such recent texts.

Order of Nine Angles Classic Texts Part Five


  • Understanding and Appreciating the ONA.
  • Empathy and The Aeonic Perspective.
  • Acausality, The Dark Gods, and The Order of Nine Angles.
  • Developing The Mythos.
  • ONA Style, O9A Chic.
  • Playing The Sinister Game – A Brief History.
  • Toward Understanding Satanism.
  • Three Inner ONA Documents.
  • The Esotericism of The Deofel Quartet.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About The Order of Nine Angles version 4.05.
  • Who Do They Think We Are?
  • Methods and Traditions of The Seven Fold Way.
  • Toward The Abyss – A Guide for the Internal Adept.

[1] The other four volumes are available here – O9A Classic Texts (Parts 1-4)