Acausality, The Dark Gods, and the ONA



Acausality, The Dark Gods, and The Order of Nine Angles

Since the publication of Naos in 1989ev there has been much speculation and much discussion about both the theory of acausality and about the mythos – the myths and legends – of the supernatural Dark Gods who, the ONA claimed, reside in ‘the acausal spaces’ and who, it is also claimed, have manifested or can become manifest in our own world, or at least in our psyche, by means of sorcery.

Are the Dark Gods, for instance, real beings or possibly just archetypes of our unconscious? Is there any scientific proof for the existence of the acausal, and what exactly is meant by the term acausal and by the term acausal dimensions?

The Theory of the Acausal

Regarding the theory of the acausal, the following quote from Myatt’s article Notes On The Theory of The Acausal succinctly explain it.

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Acausality is an axiom, a logical assumption, not a belief. This axiom about the nature of the cosmos is one that derives not from the five Aristotelian essentials that determine the scientific method, but from the intuition of empathy and from deductions relating to observations of living beings.

The latter point about life is crucial to understanding both why the axiom has been made and what it may logically imply. That is, a theory is proposed about the nature of known life – about why and how a living being differs from a non-living being. Currently, science cannot explain what makes ordinary matter – the stuff of physics and chemistry – alive, and why for instance a living being, a biological entity, does not obey one of Newton’s laws nor the axiom of entropy (the second law of thermodynamics).

A living being, for example, can change –  grow and move – without any external physical (Newtonian) force being applied to it. In short, living beings do not behave in the same way as ordinary physical matter does, be such matter a star, a galaxy, a rock, or a chemical element interacting with another chemical element.

The acausal theory proposes that living beings possess what is termed acausal energy – that it is this acausal energy which in some way animates, or which presences in, a biological cell to make that cell behave in a different way than when that cell is dead […]

It is stated in several articles about the acausal that it is only a theory based on certain axioms, and that this theory is posited to explain certain things which are currently unexplainable by other rational theories. The things explained by the theory – which the theory attempts to explain in a logical way – are the nature of living beings, and the nature of empathy, of sympatheia with other living beings.

This theory posits an acausal realm (continuum) as the source of the energy that animates living beings; that this energy differs from the energy observed by sciences such as physics and chemistry; and that all currently known living beings are nexions – regions – where the theorized acausal intersects with, is connected to, or intrudes into, the observed physical (causal) universe known and described by sciences such as physics.

The theory also posits that this acausal realm is a-causal in nature and that it (and thus the acausal energy said to originate there) cannot be described in terms of three spatial dimensions and one dimension of linear time, and thus its geometry cannot be described in terms of the current mathematical equations used to describe such a four-dimensional ‘space-time’ continuum (such as the tensorial equations that, for instance, describe the geometry of Riemannian space-time).

It is therefore posited that the acausal may be described or could be described by an acausal Space of n acausal dimensions, and an acausal, un-linear, Time of n dimensions, where n is currently unknown but is greater than three and less than or equal to infinity. Currently there are no mathematical equations that are capable of re-presenting such a type of un-linear, non-spatial, n-dimensional space.

Were someone to develop such mathematical equations to describe such an acausal geometry it should be possible to explain acausal energy – i.e. acausal waves and their propagation in both the causal and the acausal, in the way that Maxwell’s equations describe the propagation of causal energy/waves in four-dimensional physical space-time.

It is posited that to develop such mathematical equations requires a new type of mathematics since current geometric representations (two, three, and four dimensional) use a differential – the calculus (tensorial, matrical, Euclidean, or otherwise) – of linear (causal) time […]

As for the nature of the acausal dimensions, they are currently undefined except as extensions to current mathematical concepts: that is, as non-linear and non-spatial in Euclidean terms […]

If the postulated acausal energy exists, then it should be capable of being detected and such energy measured, and the theory of acausality suggests that it might be possible – even using current scientific means – to detect acausal charges (manifestations of acausal energy in the causal) – by microscopically observing the behaviour of a living cell and its components (such as the nucleus) under certain conditions such as observed changes when in the presence of other acausal charges (living cells and their collocations).

The theory also suggests that another way might be to construct some new type of experimental apparatus which can detect acausal charge directly, and makes a comparison with how electrical charges were first discovered, measured, and then machines developed to produce and control their propagation, as in Faraday’s experiments in producing electric currents […]

The theory also makes it clear that there are currently no experimental observations to verify the existence of such acausal charges so that the whole theory remains an interesting but speculative theory.

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Acausality therefore should be understood as a new theory – with the emphasis on theory – which offers a somewhat unique explanation of the nature of living beings, of the nature and implications of the faculty of empathy, and of some other interesting stuff. Advancements in science often arise when some new theory is posited and that new theory makes predictions about events which are subsequently verified or falsified by observations.

Part of the interest in and value of the new theory of acausality lies in the rational explanation it offers for what current scientific theories cannot explain – the how and the why of living beings. For – and importantly – our current scientific knowledge is limited and always changing as new observations of the external world cause us to revise accepted theories and propose new ones especially about as yet unexplained things.

The Occult is a body of knowledge of different kind – about some still unexplained things (including but not limited to unexplained phenomena and the supernatural) and often derived from a personal knowing, a personal experience, of such unexplained things, and often related to a personal pathei mathos.

The ONA and the Theory of the Acausal

The Order of Nine Angles takes the basic Myattian acausal theory – outlined above – much further and uses it to explain the nature of sorcery – how sorcery may work – and to explain the accounts of people who, from their personal experience and over millennia, have asserted that ‘the supernatural’ exists, and that this supernatural world (or universe) contains or may contain particular types of living beings who (or which) substantially differ from all the living beings currently known to science.

That is, for the ONA the theory of the acausal is only a useful and rational explanation of certain phenomena and of events and experiences that have been observed or claimed by people over millennia.

It is in this sense that the ONA mythos of the Dark Gods should be understood – as a possible explanation of certain supernatural events and of the oral accounts of things that some individuals claim or assert have occurred or which they or others have directly experienced or directly acquired some knowledge of.

It is also in this sense that the sorcery of the Dark Gods should be understood – as possible ways to evoke or invoke such entities and thus ‘know them’. Furthermore, as the ONA has mentioned time and time again in their MSS  – and mentioned for over thirty years – one way to discover if the Dark Gods really exist (somewhere, and whenever) is to personally evoke or invoke them using certain types of sorcery and rituals. One such means is claimed by the ONA to be a ritual involving several people using esoteric chant in combination with a large quartz tetrahedron crystal.

Thus, insofar as the ONA are concerned, the truth of the matter regarding the Dark Gods – and of sorcery, of the supernatural, and so on – is left to the individual to discover for themselves. That is what esoteric – Occult – groups of the Left Hand Path are or should be all about, individuals doing practical Occult stuff and finding answers for themselves, with the theory of acausality, of nexions, and so on, simply being the ONA’s take – explanation – of the supernatural (the Occult), of the psyche, of the nature of human beings, and – ultimately – of life itself: of our position in the cosmos, of how we might change/evolve ourselves, of how we relate to mythos and aeons, and of how we relate to other life whether observed in the causal or posited to exist in some acausal or supernatural continuum.

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