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Bringing The Tyrannye Down


Tyranne, tyrannye – Middle English; later spelling > tyranny. Latin tyrannia via Latin tyrannus from the Greek τύραννος


One of the fundamental principles which all ONA participants agree upon [for it is one thing that marks them as ONA] is that all societies currently existing in Western lands are tyrannical in two important ways. First, because of the slavery that results from the causal abstractions that form the basis and the ethos of such societies; and second, because of the self-imposed authority of centralized governments, often enforced as this authority is by the use of State institutions such as the police, the armed forces, the security services, and so-called ‘courts of law’.

A tyranny in evidence, for instance, when ‘the Establishment’ – the hubriati – feel threatened and/ or when the castellans/guardians/satraps of The State find the ideas/ideals/abstractions/beliefs they cherish are under threat. For then – as in recent riots in England (2011 ce) and as in the clearance of the recent ‘occupy’ protests and as earlier in the Hafenstraße –  The State will react with violence, use whatever force they deem necessary, and often deal with dissidents in a harsh, punitive, impersonal manner, as occurred following the London riots.

A tyranny also in evidence in the duplicity, hypocrisy, and arrogance of governments who proclaim adherence to democracy but who ignore public opposition to their policies when it suits them, or when their abstractions and their agenda demand it – as, for example, when the British and American and other Western governments of the day ignored massive public opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq; or when, for example, the privileged ruling elite try to limit wage rises and restrict social benefits to ordinary people but continue to allow company directors, bankers, and other hubriati, to award themselves bonuses and profit from their schemes, their usury, their capitalistic machinations. As the old adage goes:

He that hath muche, doeth tyranny to hym that hath but littell. [1]

So, how can we bring the tyrannye down and thus create the conditions and the foundations for our New Aeon, a New Aeon evident, for example, in a plenitude of individuals living by our code of kindred-honour and where individual pathei-mathos is the normative mean having replaced dependence on, submission to, and belief in, causal abstractions?

First, we need to understand that this process will take a certain – and long – duration of causal Time, and which duration will most certainly be longer than that of everyone living now, and most probably of a duration which encompasses the life of the next generation and the one after that. This understanding is wyrdful, an esoteric, an initiated, knowing of Reality, and thus of ourselves as a nexion and of the true nature of abstractions, of mundanes, of the hubriati, of The System. A knowing that makes us think in a different way and speak a different language than mundanes – the thinking, the language, of Aeons, of wyrd, of acausal presencing, and of sinister-numinous emanations.

Hence, we do not naively, idealistically, dream about ‘smashing The System’ by our own efforts in our own brief span of mortal life; nor do we speak and write about some ‘revolution’ which it is believed can or may be brought about, again in our own brief span of mortal life, by some tactic or tactics, such as armed struggle or civil disobedience.

Revolutions, tyrants, hubriati, wars, conflicts, abstractions, governments, rulers, empires, towns, cities, come and go; even what we now term nations are in flux, liable to be assimilated, made of no account. What remains, what always remains, are humans, and mostly – en masse – unchanged in nature. Humans who will jostle and kill for power, wealth, influence; who will be in thrall to beliefs, abstractions – new or old; who will continue to manufacture abstraction after abstraction; who will continue to be slaves to their own desires and delusions about themselves. Who will speak and write about ‘revolution’ or about some abstraction such as ‘human rights’ or ‘democracy’. And so on, mundanity after mundanity, causal abstraction following causal abstraction.

For, esoterically, we are not about changing ‘the system’ in some minor way, or simply replacing one abstraction with another. We are not about taking and then exercising power and authority. We are about changing what ‘authority’ means and implies and introducing new ways of life based on this. Which means changing, developing, evolving human beings, by means both esoteric and exoteric. Changing ourselves in certain specific ways and which specific ways lead to us developing a particular, an Aeonic, a cosmic, perspective and thence, from our pathei-mathos, a certain understanding.

This is the species of understanding that leads me to write that, in my view, there are three main ways to bring the tyrannye down and thus create the conditions and the foundations for our New Aeon, and all of which ways are quite uncomplicated:

(1) By more and more individuals adopting or being influenced or inspired by the ethos, mythos, and praxis of the ONA (both what it is now and will evolve to be), and thus becoming in personal character and often in life-style less and less dependant on the nation-State, on The System, on abstractions.
(2) By the practical actions – exoteric and esoteric – of those of our kind and influenced by us.
(3) By the continuing infiltration of our kind into certain influencing roles and within certain Institutions.

(1) includes, for example, the establishment (on the basis of kindred-honour) of clans and tribes, as well as individuals and families co-operating locally in a non-hierarchical manner and on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance.

(2) includes ‘direct action’ and political/social/religious involvement of individuals, for instance as part of their desire to live exeatically (and so gain practical experience), or as some Insight Role, or as individual/group adversarial praxis, or to generally aid kindred spirits (such as those who describe themselves as anarchists) and who thus also know The System for the tyranny it is.

This is therefore the way, the manner, that includes the use of whatever causal form or forms that may be considered interesting/useful/productive regardless of how such forms are described by others.

(3) includes individuals, and members of established nexions/groups, clandestinely testing, recruiting, and then guiding a few people, especially in academia, the media, the arts, the police, the military. Thus will our ethos and our praxis – in their living inner essence – slowly propagate, seed, themselves, to flower elsewhere as those now of us, decade following decade, betake themselves away into the world, undermine The System from within, recruit others, and be able if required to use their positions/influence to aid individuals of our kind.

Thus it is our people – their inner change, their affective and effecting lives and deeds – who will produce, over durations of causal Time, the required exterior changes because these people are, or they will become, affective and effective nexions of a specific type; the type that the ONA now represents and will represent.

All that the ONA does and has done and will wyrdfully do – in whatever iteration – is be a certain type of nexion, a connexion to the acausal essence/energies beyond all causal forms and opposites, and also and importantly a connexion between causal past-present-future, thus binding and bringing together a certain type of human, and being the genesis of new human types and thence of such new ways of living as befits them. Or, expressed another way, the Order of Nine Angles is simply one means whereby wisdom can be acquired.

Or, expressed in an even more exoteric way and using current causal terms, we aim to be the hidden force which drives and which produces a certain type of human change – the heretical, subversive, adversarial, sinister, anarchist, one.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
122 yfayen


[1] The quote is from Antonio De Guevara: The golden boke of Marcus Aurelius emperour and eloquente oratour. [Libro aureo de Marco Aurelio] translated by John Bourchier, and published in 1546 ce.

[2] The first iteration/phase may be considered to be most manifest the overt and practical traditional Satanism of the early ONA (c.1972-1985 ce) with its ceremonial groups all of whom were in the UK and known to AL. The second iteration (c.1986-2009 ce) was most manifest in the Seven-Fold Way and the praxis of individuals, world-wide, establishing their own ceremonial ONA-type groups/nexions.