ONA Classic Texts Part Four


Order of Nine Angles Sigil

Order of Nine Angles

“The Way is there; it works: for the few. And it for these few that we reserve our applause. After all, it is just Life changing, evolving, as it changes and evolves in this one small causal part of the Cosmos – a game for some, perchance a tragedy for others; an exeatic drama to enhance our own brief temporary causal living, perchance to propel us thence toward our own acausal life.”

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Contents include:

  • Satanism: Epitome of Evil
  • The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right
  • Nietzsche, Darwin, Others, and The Seven-Fold Way
  • Sapphic Sorcery – In Praise of The Feminine
  • Women and the ONA
  • Children and the ONA
  • The Occult, The Internet, and How to Offend People
  • Playing The Sinister Game – A Brief ONA History
  • Bringing The Tyranny Down
  • Sinister Experiential Eleutheria
  • The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way
  • Adeptship – Meaning and Purpose
  • Toward The Abyss (Brief Guide for the Internal Adept)