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Order of Nine Angles

ONA Classic Texts Archive

The links below are to articles (in html) or to pdf files of some of the more interesting Order of Nine Angles texts and documents and MSS written, distributed, or published, during the past forty years. Some of the texts, documents and MSS deal with, or record, the aural Camlad tradition.

Several of the pdf files are taken from Order of Nine Angles Classic Texts series, in five volumes, first issued in a limited printed edition of eleven in 2011 ce.

This archive will serve as useful resource to those interested in the non-Magian ONA Occult tradition and the aural Camlad esoteric tradition.

ONA Classic Texts Part One

O9A Texts Part One
(pdf 3.1 Mb)

(1) Knowing, Information and The Discovery of Wisdom
(2) The Initiatory Occult Quest
(3) The Adeptus Way
(4) Satanic Letters I
(5) Satanic Letters II

ONA Classic Texts Part Two

(1) The Deofel Quartet
(2) Breaking The Silence Down
(3) Tales of The Dark Gods
(4) The Occult Fiction of the ONA

O9A Texts Part Two
(pdf 3.4 Mb)

ONA Classic Texts Part Three

Included in Part Three of the series ONA Classic Texts, are various ONA works relating to Satanism: for example, the traditional Black Book of Satan as well as the more recent A Guide to Modern Satanism, and the seminal text The Ontology and Theology of Traditional Satanism.

Special mention should be made of the texts (i) Defining Satanism, (ii) The Geryne of Satan, and (iii) Magian Occultism and The Sinister Way. For these place the Satanism of the ONA into historical and philosophical perspective and reveal how different the Satanism of the ONA is, and was, to the mundane, Magian, Satanism of groups such as Anton LaVain’s Church of Satan and Aquino’s Temple of Set.

Also included are a variety of other texts – some recent, some dating back ten or so years – important for an understanding of the ONA, its sinister strategy, its heresy, and its mythos.

O9A Classic Texts Part 3
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ONA Classic Texts Part Four

(2.1 Mb)

ONA Classic Texts Part Five

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