The Meaning of Rounwytha


Symbol of Baphomet - The Dark Goddess



The Meaning of Rounwytha

Rounwytha is the term used to describe an individual – male or female – who has great skill in both acausal-empathy and acausal-thinking. The term was traditionally applied only to those, mostly women, who were naturally gifted in esoteric empathy before such abilities were rationally, and esoterically, understood, and thus before they could be developed and enhanced by sinister techniques. The term was, according to aural tradition, applied to rural sorceresses of the primal (but not necessarily then always dark) tradition who lived in a certain area of England.

The term Rounwytha is now generally used to describe a sorcerer, or sorceress, of our Sinister Tradition, who has acquired and who has developed skill in – or who has a natural ability and a natural skill in – both acausal-empathy and acausal-thinking

Thus, while every Rounwytha of our Way is by nature and training a sinister Adept, not every sinister Adept is a Rounwytha, since not every sinister Adept has acquired great practical skill in acausal-empathy and acausal-thinking, or has the ability (natural or acquired) to so acquire and so develope such skills. Nearly every Rounwytha – past and present – has acquired and/or developed their skills by undertaking the longer form of the Rite of Internal Adept.


Order of Nine Angles

Order of Nine Angles
122 Year of Fayen (AoB)